PC Engine to PS1 / PS2 Classic JoyPad Converter New!

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PC Engine to PS1 / PS2 Classic JoyPad Converter New!

Post by GAMGATOR2000 » Mon Aug 20, 2007 11:27 pm

For All You PC ENGINE Gamers!

http://cgi.ebay.com/PC-Engine-to-PS1-PS ... dZViewItem

features :o

Play PC-Engine™ games with your PS™/PS2™ controller
Allows you to play your PC-Engine™ games with i.e. your Dual Shock 2™ Pad
Supports 2 levels or Turbo Fire on I,II buttons
Slow motion function
Analog function supported: You can use Analog stick to replace Up, down, left and right buttons
No external power supply required
Supports 4 button Pads (for Street Fighter II, etc.)

description :!:

Ever dreamt about playing PC-Engine™ games with your Dual Shock™ controller?
Using the Classic Joypad Converter you can now connect your preferred PlayStation™ or PlayStation2™ compatible controller to your PC-Engine™.
The adapter supports Turbo Fire, Slow Motion functions and even let's you convert up/down/left/right into your Analog Stick.
A great accessory for all classical gaming fans.

gamgator2000 out . . . :twisted:

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