timekeeper battery video

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timekeeper battery video

Post by djgizzo » Tue May 20, 2008 2:11 am

has anyone done a video on changing the time keeper battery?
iv looked round on youtube and on here but i cant even find a photo guide

i have 2 cdis both VCR size one is the normal one that was in all the shops usually set up with giant ball playing ABC golf
and one similar but the front sort of folds down pushed by the draw
(well its supposed to be i have to give it a helping hand open and shut)
and the normal one makes a squeaky sound but that dont bother me oh and the open close on screen is greyed out and it auto starts games itself (how strange) it never used to

i also got offered a touch screen tv one for £20 but it was a bit big for my room would of been good for mad dog though lol

but anyway if you can help with the battery video id be happy to hear from you i have read the guides :) visual is better for me though

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