CD-i Emulator Coming soon

CD-i Emulator is the first fully evolving windows compatible emulator project of the Philips CD-i system. Discuss the emulator, compatibility issues, seek help and support to get the program operating and post what you'd like to see in future revisions of the program. CD-i players ROM (BIOS) requests, begging and links will not be tolerated. Otherwise feel free to post your thoughts on this amazing new piece of software.
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CD-i Emulator Coming soon

Post by cdifan » Wed Jul 13, 2005 8:14 pm

The following text is from the CD-i Emulator Coming soon website:
The CD-i Emulator program provides a fairly complete emulation of the hardware of a CD-i player. The program is currently in a controlled beta test and will be available for Windows starting September 2005. A limited edition will be available for free, a small fee will be required for the full version.

In order to actually run CD-i software, the emulator needs copies of the CD-i player ROMs. These ROMs are copyrighted and cannot be freely redistributed, but you can easily obtain them via the serial port of a physical CD-i player. For this you need a so-called CD-i Nullmodem Cable that will be available separately, or you can make your own.

At the current time only the ROMs from a subset of CD-i players are fully compatible with the emulator; this is being worked on and future player compatibility updates will be free. Full details will be available when the software is released.

A reasonably fast PC is needed to get acceptable performance; a Pentium 1.5 GHz is probably about minimal. If your hardware cannot keep up you will not be able to emulate in real-time and audio will skip unless you turn it off, but the emulator will still run and the CD-i sofware won't even know it isn't running at full speed.

The emulator does not currently support emulation of the Digital Video Cartridge, except for the extra memory it contains; for some CD-i software this is enough. This will be remedied in a future version.

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