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WANTED! a U.K CD-i (220,25 / US 37) repair / servicer

Posted: Mon Aug 30, 2010 8:56 pm
by baco
Well my title says it all really,
I am desperate to get my 220 serviced,
it powers up , boots & responds to IR commands, plus the CD Tray opens & closes fine ,
but it just wont play anything because the disc will not spin , As far as I can tell the disc motor is dead & it will also need a replacment belt..
Please can anyone HELP! I live in North London ..(N1) I can pay cash, trade or can give as part or full payment a working 450 phillips cd-i with DVI cart included & some discs...
thanks in advance Baco

ps Oh & Hi all btw I have just joined specifically to hopefully find cd-i enthusiasts & resources.... :)