CD-i Emulator compatible with Laser Lords ??

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CD-i Emulator compatible with Laser Lords ??

Post by XCLTempesT » Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:32 pm

Does anybody know if the latest version of CD-i emulator is compatible with Laser Lords? It is a non-DVC CD-I title from 1992.

I ask because the CD-I emulator site has very limited compatibility details, and the latest beta versions of the free version no longer work, so I can't test myself.
I assume that when I buy the full version of the emulator I would be able to use a working beta of the latest cd-i emulator?

My brother was a big fan of the game when he was young, so I thought I would make Laser Lords part of a nostalgic gift for Sinterklaas (= Dutch Santa Claus).
I have the game, and would prefer to bundle the full version of the emulator instead of a real player (He doesn't live that big).
So I need to know if the emulator is an option. Is the game compatible? Can it actually be played on the emulator as the original console ? (Does the emulator have game controller support? save-game support? etc.)

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