FS: CDi 210 Gamepads +/60 games (hotel mario, link demo etc

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FS: CDi 210 Gamepads +/60 games (hotel mario, link demo etc

Post by spekkie » Thu Sep 29, 2011 5:58 pm

Hello, I have loads CDi stuff for sale.
Feel free to make offers on anything or ask me for shipping costs (I'm from the Netherlands paypall would be preferred, I take bids in any currency)

First of all I have Hotel Mario on ebay (currently there is a bid on it for $ 35,- incase you are interested plz bid on ebay)
http://www.ebay.com/itm/160656928597?ss ... 1558.l2649

I have 2 CDi 210 consoles (1 with a digital video cartridge [I guess I could sell it separtly aswell)

2 gamepads 22ER9021

lot games:

Link: faces of Evil incl manual and box
Link: faces of Evil demo disc catalog nr:8180005 (idk what this one is worth tbh if anyone has any idea plz tell me Ill post my ebay link so you can see a picture (feel free to pm me a bid for it aslong as there is no bid on ebay)
http://www.ebay.com/itm/160656922266?ss ... 1558.l2649

Alice in wonderland no manual
Alles over CD-I no manual
Asterix de uitdaging van ceasar
Bij de Berenstain beren thuis thuis en bij jouw (the Berenstain bears)
Caesars world of boxing 3x
Caesars world of gambling
Cartoon Carnival
Cartoon Jukebox
Cdi Demonstratie Disc 1996/1997 no manual
Chaos Control
Christmas crisis no manual
Compton's interactive encyclopedia
Dark Castle 2x
Defender of the Crown
Dragon's Lair
Dragon's Lair II
Free gold club disc no manual
International Tennis open
Karaoke (814 0069) no manual
Karaoke Vol 2 (814 0072) no manual
Kingdom the far reaches
Laser Lords
Link Faces of Evil
Link Faces of Evil Demonstration disc no manual
Lords of the rising sun
Lost eden
Mad Dog McCree
Master Labyrinth 2x
Merlin's apprentice
Mystic Midway rest in peace
Night of the Living Dead
Philips media interactive enclopedie demonstratie exemplaar no manual
Pinball no manual
Rise of Robots
Sandy's Circus adventure no manual
Secret mission 2x
Space Ace 2x
Speedway no manual
Star Trek Generations (video cd)
Star Trek V the final frontier (video cd)
Steel machine
Striker pro 2x 1x no manual
The 7th Guest 2x
The director's cut Rosebud
The Palm springs open
Ultra CD-i soccer
Voyeur 2x 2x no manual
Xplora1 Peter Gabriel's Secret world large cardbox box
Zombie Dinos van de planeet zeltoid 2x

I can provide pictures for anything when asked, feel free to pm me a bid for anything, since im from the netherlands shipping 1 game to the uk would cost
€ 3,16 shipping cost I think ( I will have to check to be sure)
a package to 2 kg would cost € 8,69
to 5kg € 19,50
to 10 kg € 25
to 20 kg € 34
to 30 kg € 40,46

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Post by Kwaz » Tue Jan 31, 2012 8:02 pm


Are these games still available?

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