CD-i's for sale

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CD-i's for sale

Post by » Tue Jan 10, 2012 12:25 pm

I have a list of films, games and Music/Sport CD's for sale, some still in their original wrappers.. A full list is available in Excel. I also have 2 CD-i players.

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Post by cdifan » Tue Jan 10, 2012 9:17 pm

Which players? Which CD-i's?

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Post by K1ngArth3r » Thu Jan 12, 2012 12:18 pm

Can you copy and paste what you on here from the excel sheet?

Also if you can do pictures and list what price you'd like for each item it'll make them easier to sell :)

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Post by Trev » Fri Jan 13, 2012 11:07 pm

Will wait for you to post a list of the items & pics.
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List of avialable CDI's as requested

Post by » Sat Jan 14, 2012 9:32 am

List as follows:
  • The Naked Gun Airplane (2)
    The Naked Gun 21/2 When Harry met Sally (3)
    Naked Gun331/3 The final insult Live and Let Die
    Forrest Gump Set: Dr No
    The Firm (2) From Russia with Love
    Overboard Goldfinger
    One night Stand Smith Jones Moonraker
    Flashdance For your Eyes Only
    1995 All the news and Views Octopussy
    Have got news for you Goldfinger (2)
    Indecent Proposal The Naked Gun
    Life with monty Python The Hunt for Red October (2)
    Mont Python More naughty bits Scrooged (2)
    Waynes World Four weddings and a Funeral (3)
    Waynes World 2 Alive (2)
    Witness Startrek The Wrath of Khan
    Planes Trains and Automobiles Startrek The Search for Spock
    Playboys Complete Massage Startrek The Motion Picture
    Patriot Games Startrek The Voyage Home
    The unpredictable M Barrymore Startrek The undiscovered Country (2)
    The untouchables Moonstruck (2)
    Top Gun Ghost (2)
    The BFG The Wind in the Willows
    Road House Alice in Wonderland
    Rocky Noahs Ark
    Quigley Down Under The Emperors New Clothes
    Pecos bill
    Amaz.adv of Mr Bean Wines of France
    Fish called Wanda The Concise Oxford Dictionary
    Raging Bull Comptons Interactive Encyclopedia (2)
    Rick Mayall is New Statesman - 3 discs Cartoon Jukebox
    Dundee II A Child is born
    Adams Family Values Tom Magic picture show
    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (2) The French Impressionists
    Kiss Make Up The World of Impressionism
    The Crying Game The Renaissance of Florence
    Clear and Present Danger
    Sliver Coming to America Ed.Murphy
    The Krays The Black Stallion
    Strictly Ballroom Black Rain
    Apocalypse Now (2) Excit.escapades of Mr Bean
    The Food of France
    Loving for a Lifetime
    Steel Machine

    Hotel Mario
    Zelda The wand of Gamelon
    Brer Rabbit
    Tell me Why
    Connect Four
    Alien Gate
    Link the face of Evil
    Dimo Quest
    Voyeur (2)
    The World of
    Merlins Apprentice
    Micro Machines
    Muzzy learn french
    Secret Mission
    The Girls Club
    Litil Divil
    Surf city
    Dragons Lair
    Little Monster at School
    Anti Static
    Mega maze
    Story machines Star dreams
    Escape from Cyber city
    Lords of the Rising sun

    Marco Polo
    7th Guest
    Zeldes Adventure
    Burn Cycle
    Chaos Control
    Mystic Midway
    Mystic Midway Phantom Express
    Who shot Johnny Rock
    Steel Machine
    Vivaldi The four seasons (2)
    Bryan Adams Waking up the Neighbours (2)
    U2 battle and Hum (2)
    The Ultimate American Footbal Collection
    Tina Turner Rio '88 (2)
    Tina Turner Simpy the best '94 (2)
    Striker Pro
    Caesars Wrld of Boxing
    The Palm Springs open (2)
    In Bed with Madonna (2)
    UAFA The Champions League
    Pink Floyd in Concert
    Carreras Domingo Pavarotti in concert (2)
    Sting Ten S Tales (2)
    World Cup golf (2)
    Caesars World of gambling
    Cool Oldies jukebox
    Golden oldies jukebox
    Mozart A Musical Biography

    Beegees No 1's
    Queen Great.Flix 1+2 (2)
    Bowie Video Collection
    Cream of Eric Clapton
    James Brown Non Stop Hit M (2)
    Jazz Giants
    Private Lesson Series - Classic Guitar
    International Tennis Open
    Kathy Smith Personal Trainer
    Cliff Richards Private Collection
    Private lessons Series Rock Gitar
    great British Golf 1940's
    CD Shoot trapshooting
    Louis Armstrong An American songbook
    Abba Greatist Hits
    Keep the Faith bon Jovi
    Kate Bush The whole Story '94

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Post by Kwaz » Tue Jan 31, 2012 7:51 pm


Are these games still for sale? I would be interested in a few of them if they are. PM sent :o

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