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cdi for sale

Posted: Sat Mar 17, 2012 2:18 pm
by witcombed1
hi all , am thinking about getting rid of my cdi 450, a few games and a video card. all with original boxes.

everything itemised

1 cdi 450

2 video card

3 remote control

4 peace keeper revolver

5 mad dog mccree

6 drug wars

7 mystic midway big case

8 micro machines

9 the 7th guest

10 comptons interactive encyclopedia

11 nature under threat

12 grand prix special

13 four weddings and a funeral

thats about it can email photos on request.
not sure what its all worth so make an offer.
may break the lot up and sell separate.
i am in wales but may ship to europe or us have to check postage.

thanks all