now for sale - Making the Grade and Solar Crusade

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now for sale - Making the Grade and Solar Crusade

Post by Shroo-man » Mon Sep 10, 2012 2:49 am

now selling all my CD-i stuff this includes two of the most rare and in my opionion best CD-i games of all time.


Making the Grade

has some scratches which causes the game to reset when playing through various parts. although when it looks like its about to crash you can hit the button on the controller and it will skip the movie.

In this way you are able to play through the entire game. only a few movies have to be skipped, the majority of it is fine. also you can save it so if it does crash you are able to reload your game. apart from scratches on the CD (from heavy use) it's in pretty good condition and is complete.

a very enjoyable and unique simulation game where you are the general manager of a polyethylene plant. during my years of collecting CD-i i've only seen it appear maybe two times for sale. I would call it the rarest CD-i game ever not counting the 3 japanese games.

price is 80.00 GBP - still cheaper the Zelda's Adventure and a much much better game


Solar Crusade

One of the latest games released on CD-i and the only sequel to Chaos Control on any system. Game is unique to CD-i and is very enjoyable shooter. Can play with 2 players cooperative simulataneously. Also only appears for sale very very rarely.

price is 50.00 GBP


contact me (no spaces)- dpm 12 85 @ yahoo .com .au
or on ebay username is extra_anchovy
or by message here but it might be a while before I see it

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Post by Arethius_RGC » Fri Nov 30, 2012 6:11 pm


I would like to kow if those games are still available for sell ?

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