Selling lots of CDI Disc's

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Selling lots of CDI Disc's

Post by CDiUniversal » Thu Mar 07, 2013 1:57 pm

I'm looking to selling my CDI Disc's just the discs at this time and not the console or any console components, This games will be listed on eventually but im looking to bypass the listing prices and hopefully strike a deal with some of you; Feel free to contact me at Header CDI please "Subject".
Selling allot of CDI Disc's i got the CDI console and CDI's from my father who worked at a distribution company.

I will be uploading a picture of my stack ;)

CDI Movies;
Adams Family - Open
Adams Family Values - Open
X-Men Night of the sentinels - Open
Cone heads -Open
Playboy complete massage - Open
Waynes World 1 & 2 - Open
The joy of sex - Open
White Christmas - Open
Goldfinger - Open
Top Gun - Open
Star Trek VI: The undiscovered country - Open
The naked gun: The files of the police squad - Open
The Hunt for Red October - Open
Naked Gun 33 and a half & 2 and a half - Open
Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan - Open

Smithsonion "The treasure of" - Sealed
Posse - Sealed
Incedent proposal - Sealed
Black Rain - Sealed
From Russia with Love - Sealed
Complete Massage - Sealed
A Fish called Wanda - Sealed
The Firm - Sealed
Silver - Sealed
Mad Dog McCree - Sealed
Harrison Ford Patriot games - Sealed
Planes Trains & Automobiles - Sealed
Titanic "Interactive exploration" - Sealed

CDI Music

Pete Townshend Live - Sealed
Photo journalism - Sealed "The Case is cracked slightly"
US - Sealed
Career as Domingo Pavarotti - Sealed
Bryan Adams - Sealed
Andrew Lloyd Webber -Sealed
Bon Jovi: Keep the Faith - Sealed
Eric Clapton" The Cream of" - Open

CDI Interactive

Gifts to Behold by Aaron Copland - Sealed
Time life; 35mm Photography - Sealed
James brown non stop hit machine - Sealed
Classical Jukebox - Sealed
Louis Armstrong - Sealed
A Revolution in color - Sealed
Rembrandt art and music of his era - Sealed
Rock guitar -Sealed
Jazz giants - Sealed
Prelude - Sealed
Jazz Guitar - Sealed
Beauty and the Beast - Sealed
Earth Rhythms - Sealed
O Sole Mio Pavarotti - Sealed
Tell me Why 1 & 2 - Sealed "2", Open "1"
Richard Scarry's Best neighbourhood ever - Sealed
Moses the exodus - Sealed
Noahs Ark - Sealed
Lords of the Rising sun - Sealed
NFL Football trivia challenge - Sealed
The dark fables - Sealed
Golden oldies Jukebox - Sealed
Cool oldies jukebox - Sealed
Mozart a musical biography - Sealed
Story machine: Magic tales - Sealed
Cartoon Jukebox - Open
Richard Scarry's Busiest neighbourhood ever - Open
Paint School 1&2 - Open
Comptons encyclopedia - Open

CDI Games

Link: The faces of Evil - Open
Zelda: The wand of gamelon - Open
Space Ace - Open
Power Hitter - Sealed
Striker pro - Open
Name that tune - Sealed
Green Cover International Tennis open - Sealed
Blue Cover International Tennis open - Open
Hotel Mario - Open
Mutant Rampage - Open
Palm Springs open - Sealed
Inca - Open
The jokers wild jr - Open
Kether - Sealed
Effacer - Open
A great day at the races - Sealed
the jokers wild - Open
Ceasars - Open
Little Divil - Open
Dragons Lair - Open
7th Guest x2 - Open
On their own and you on your own - Sealed
Sandy's Circus - Open
Dimos Quest - Open
Ceasars Casino - Open
Sticky bear reading - open
Mystic midway phantom express - Open
Astrology - Open
Voyeur - Open
Shark alert - Open
Mystic Midway rest in pieces - Open
Sticky bear math - Sealed
Mega maze - Open

This is EVERYTHING i have for Sale reply in the forum or send me a personal message or Email me at; Thanks, CdiUniversal
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Post by CDiUniversal » Fri Mar 08, 2013 10:25 pm

Let me know what you guys think of my collection !
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Post by espin » Tue May 14, 2013 4:43 am

I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and might be interested in some CD-i games. Do you have a price list of what you are looking for? I currently only have 9 Cd-i games and might want to add some more common games in bulk. Eventually, I'd like the CD-i Zelda games, but they are most likely out of my price range at the moment. Thanks! - Erik

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Re: Selling lots of CDI Disc's

Post by CDiUniversal » Sun Jun 30, 2013 4:54 pm

What games? And you can contact me at for a quicker reply I currently sell them on. Ebay to
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