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Sold, please close the post.

Post by jacquesmeuli » Mon Jun 10, 2013 1:45 pm

I’ve and bundle CD-I 210 with video card 22ER9956 and the complete CD collection “Historia del arte español”.

It’s a first hand; it’s propriety of my “sister-in-law”. She buy the bundle in the 90’.

I’ve opened the CD-I for the case noise and follow tutorial with success, I’ve also put air spray for electronic for washing. It’s an very good condition and work well without case noise.

All 10 discs like new except:
Disc 2 some micro scratches, but work well
Disc 3 little finger print, I don’t have clean it for don’t put scratches

I’ve for idea put it one Ebay, but I thought better firstly offer to CD-I collectors / fans.

I know this collection is very rare but I don’t know about price, if you’re interested you can make me offers and if not tell me what can be an estimated normal price for this.

The pictures are here:
And one video:

Thank you

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