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Software needed

Posted: Thu Aug 16, 2007 4:30 am
by cdoty
Here's the development software I used:

The following four files are used to create disk images for the CD-i

ImageMaker: ...

VCDMaster front end: ... dmastr.exe

VCD Toolkit, you only need vcdmastr.dll out of this:

- Creates bin/cue from toc/cd. Most CD burning software will work with bin/cue files. The CD-i Emulator also loads bin files.

Conversion utilities:
- The ICDIA website has a number of asset conversion tools. Media Stock Room is the most useful for sound conversion. Graphics conversion and part of the sound conversion is done with tools included with the source code.

CD-i Emulator:
- This is useful for testing (and debugging) software for the CD-i. It's pretty accurate.