What is The New International CD-i Association?

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What is The New International CD-i Association?

Post by Devin » Thu Jul 14, 2005 8:49 pm

The New International CD-i Association

In the late 80s, when CD-i was just beginning to emerge, worldwide three associations were set up by a number of industry bodies to support the development and marketing of CD-i hardware and software products. Among the members were CD-i hardware manufacturers, CD-i peripheral manufacturers, CD-i software producers, disc duplicators, CD-i authoring tool development companies and dozens of others. These three organizations (the American CD-i Association, the European CD-i Association and the Japanese CD-i Association) merged into the International CD-i Association (ICDIA) in the mid 90s. This new organisation continued to support to the CD-i industry.

By the end of the decade, it became clear that DVD and other new generation platforms were going to take over in areas where CD-i had been very succesfull. For this, the people behind the ICDIA set up the IDMA (Interactive Digital Media Association) and the DVDA (DVD Association). No priority was given anymore to ICDIA's CD-i related activities.

However, there continued to be a huge demand for CD-i information and requests for CD-i support.

By the beginning of 2000, the ICDIA decided to join forces with KennisOnline.com. This organization has experience in CD-i software and hardware development of over 10 years. In a mutual agreement it was decided that the Internet would become the major medium for the ICDIA to use, and that KennisOnline.com would become responsible for all Internet related activities of the ICDIA, such as setting up and maintaining a website and providing e-mail support. Only the official real-life ICDIA activities (such as contact with members on exhibitions) remain to be a responsibility of the former ICDIA and current DVDA staff.

To make clear that a new era in Internet based CD-i support has begun, the name of the International CD-i Association on the Internet was changed into The New International CD-i Association. Since the expiration of the icdia.org website during 2005 hosting has now transferred to icdia.co.uk under the CDinteractive network for CD-i related websites.

The New ICDIA wants to make a commitment to all members of the CD-i community, whether it be developers, professional users or consumers, to provide full support and offer as many resources and information as possible to the general public. Everybody who has access to the Internet can access these resources or request for e-mail support. There is no need to be some kind of 'member'.

Among the tasks of the New ICDIA are to:
  • - Provide a uniform place where people can ask questions about CD-i related issues via e-mail.
    - Provide technical information about CD-i players and accessories.
    - Point current and future users at locations where one is able to buy, rent or repair CD-i hardware or buy CD-i software.
    - Offer support to CD-i developers in the form of technical white papers and development utilty downloads.
    - Assist anyone in the creation of CD-i compatible software products, such as CD-i, Video-CD or Photo-CD discs, with emphasis on the behaviour of these disc formats in CD-i players.
    - Provide support to CD-i users in the form of a very extensive and frequently updated FAQ.
    - Offer special purpose CD-i software downloads as disc image files, for example to exchange information with a PC or to change settings of specific professional players.
    - Stimulate the development of CD-i related products, such as emulators, websites, and even complete software and hardware products.
    - etcetera
We would very much like to hear from you what you think of our services so far. Tell us what you like, dislike, or would like to be added. Any input would be highly appreciated.