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FPD Specification and FMV Demo disc images added

Posted: Fri May 10, 2019 11:30 pm
by cdifan
Added the following CD-i disc images to the CD-i Disc Images Downloads section:

Final Production Delivery Specification, Version 8.05

This disc is the companion of the 'CD-i Final Production Delivery Specification' (FPD) document from Philips Interactive Media. The disc contains the Philips Media bumper application, audio and text warning message files and Green tests. To extract these files you need a CD-i disc image reading program.


CD-i Full Motion Video Technical Aspects

This CD-i demonstrates the possibilities and the technical aspects of the CD-i full modion video; therefore your player must be equipped with the"Full-Motion Extension" cartridge. Sources for the demo application are included on the disc; to extract them you need a CD-i disc image reading program, e.g. IsoBuster.



Added disc image scan (the CD-i disc image was already there).