Zelda's Adventure News Group Information

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Zelda's Adventure News Group Information

Post by Devin » Mon May 31, 2010 7:38 pm

Just trolled through some old News Groups and found information on Zelda's Adventure as follows dated April 13th - 20th 1995...
You're in luck. I just happen to have worked for the company that created "Zelda's Adventure" for Philips. The game was supposed to have been released in November '93, but Nintendo screwed around for a long period of time before they finally signed off (Zelda is a Nintendo creation).

As far as I know, the game hasn't hit the shelves yet, but should within a couple of weeks. All the bugs are taken care of and they simply had to add a Trademark symbol after "Zelda" in the title. As far as the game goes... It's OK. No great shakes. One interesting thing about the game is that no 3-D rendered creatures or locations were used. Everything was actually modeled, using clay, rubber, cardboard, and the like. So the game has a real organic look to it. Pretty good sound, too.

I haven't yet seen much of the game, as I didn't work on it (but for those of you with CD-ROMs for your PC, you can now purchase "ECO East Africa" for which I DID create graphics), but the word from the folks at the company is that it's strictly okay. Ask for a demo before you think of shelling out the cash for it. I no longer work for the company so I have no reason to help them make money.

With a reply from Jim Belcher from Philips Media Games...
Zelda's Adventure will not be out in a "couple of weeks." Nor is the delay in it's release solely attributed to Nintendo "screwing around." Sorry, but I had to set the record straight.
Interesting details I thought! :D

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