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cdi collection including unreleased hardware and games

Posted: Sun May 01, 2011 4:22 pm
by BeaglePuss
Hello everyone!

I am new to the cdi scene, but have been part of vintage game collecting for some time now. I mostly collect prototype material for the NES, but have amassed a fairly broad collection over the years.

I just came into a massive lot of cdi material including prototype controllers, betas, and at least one unreleased game. Here are some pictures of what I've received:


The light gun is actually a Sega Justifier which was modified for the cde and used as a prototype/template for the peacekeeper. The roller controller was a prototype controller that never made it into production. I also have a prototype MPEG card and at least one other prototype controller. I will be more pictures including some "Secret Name of Ra" screen shots later today.

Posted: Sun May 01, 2011 6:43 pm
by K1ngArth3r
What an amazing package... Thanks for sharing what you have so far :-)

Posted: Mon May 02, 2011 10:07 am
by Alan_Eng
Wow that is incredible! What a great selection of discs. Can't wait to see Secret name of Ra pics!!

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Posted: Mon May 02, 2011 12:24 pm
by BeaglePuss
My brother and I went through the titles of the betas/demos last night, and this is what we came up with:
Demonstration Disc Not For Resale:

Amparo Museum
Compton's CD-I Encyclopedia
Compton's Encyclopedia
Dragon's Lair II: Timewarp
Earth Command
Earth Rhythms
Link - The Faces of Evil
Litil Divil (Red)
Max Magic
Moses: The Exodus
Mutant Rampage: Body Slam
NFL Hall of Fame Football
NFL Hall of Fame Football (Red)
Paramount DV Demo V 0.05
Power Hitter
Seventh Guest (Red)
Surf City
TR-1: No World Order
Time Life Photography
Treasures of the Smithsonian
Treasures of the Smithsonian
Video Speedway
Zelda's Adventure (Red)

Not For Sale - Review & Test Only:

Big Bang Show, 1.03, 5/30/94, Testing - Phase 2, cat 812 0055
Dimo's Quest, Version 1.04, 4/25/94, Testing - Phase 2, cat 810 0166
Family Games, 1.01, 8/29/94, Testing - Phase 1, cat 810 0215
Megamaze, 1.02, 10/21/93, Testing - Phase 1, cat 810 0163
Monty Python Karaoke Best Songs, 1.01, 8/5/94, Testing - Phase 1, cat 819 1008
Monty Python Sketches, 1.01, 8/5/94, Testing - Phase 1, cat 819 1006
Othello, 1.02, 10/21/93, Testing - Phase 1, cat 810 0083
Salzburger Land, 1.03, 5/30/94, Testing - Phase 3, cat 810 0149
Shipwreck, Version 2.01, 5/25/93, Testing - Phase 1, cat 810 0129
The Secret Name of Ra, 1.02, Testing - Phase 1 cat 811 0022

FPD Discs:

500 Years after, disc 1, Testing - Phase 1, 3/1/93, 816 0001
Backgammon, Testing - Phase 3, 12/12/91, 310-690-039-2 (Green)
Escape From Cyber City, Version 2.10, 7/11/92, 310-690-071-2
Face Kitchen, Testing - Phase 3, 10/26/92, 811 0002
Go, Testing - Phase 1, 10/8/92, 310 690 159-2
Jazz Giants, Version 3.03, 6/3/92, 310-690-096-2 (Green)
Jazz Guitar, Version 3.02, 7/31/92, 310-690-079-2 (Green)
Museo Amparo, Version 3.03, 7/29/92, 310-690-183-2 (Green)
National Parks, Version 1.02, 10/29/92, #225 (Yellow)
Pinball, Testing - Phase 3, 2/1/92, 310-690-034-2 (Green)
Scotland Yard, Testing - Phase 1, 11/30/92, 8130042
Voyeur, 1.03, 7/12/93, 310-690-112-2

Unique Pressings and CD-R Discs:

Big Hand Demo CD-R, FMV
CD-I Demonstration Disc, Not for Resale
Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia, For Demonstration Only Not for Resale
Gnomes, Preview Disc, March 1994
Mayo Clinic CD-R, v0.06, 2-1-93, 2-12-93 (124)
Wuzzo CD-R

Promotional Discs:

CD-I FMV Launch
CD-I Full Motion Video Update
Creation for the Imagination
Creation with MediaMogul
MPEG Video Sampler Volume 1, Not For Resale
Philips CD-i Digital Video Training, Version 1.0
Philips Professional CD-I: a world of opportunities
Power Match CD-I "Philips Invents For You"
cd-i Title Sampler, Fall 1994

I also found some more prototype hardware, but it has all since been sold. I will post some more pics of the hardware before shipping out though.

I have played a little of the Secret Name of Ra, and it appears to be fairly polished if not complete. I will definitely be posting some screen shots later tonight capturing some gameplay.