Kingdom II - Shadoan; How to get to Caverns of Chaos??

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Kingdom II - Shadoan; How to get to Caverns of Chaos??

Post by skwatter » Sat Aug 11, 2012 7:54 pm

I am playing this game on my authentic CD-i system and am at the point in the game when I need to enter the Caverns of Chaos supposedly from an area called the Skull Cliffs.
I have been at this for almost an hour and have traveled to all surrounding areas trying to enter these caves and have found no way of getting to them. I have looked for text/video walkthroughs but none of the ones i found pertain to the CD-i version. The Walkthroughs I found were for the PC/DVD versions that have completely different interfaces and don't help me with my version of the game.
How do I enter the Caverns of Chaos? The ONLY way I have ever been able to even SEE the option on the map to enter the Caverns of Chaos on the CD-i is if I utilize a spell of traveling to bring me to the Pirate's Cove, the watery coasty area near where the Caverns of Chaos are.
I cannot enter them though because the second I go to the Pirates Cove (It is the only location I can go to, I can't warp to the Caverns of Chaos) I get captured by the pirates and end up having to incorrectly advance the game's plot without having the items I get in the Caverns of Chaos.


Thanks!! :D

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