Help with Kingdom: The Far Reaches

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Help with Kingdom: The Far Reaches

Post by Womi » Sat Oct 04, 2014 12:35 pm

I'm currently playing Kingdom: The Far Reaches on CDi and I'm stuck near the end of the game.
I can not beat the timed section where you need to get the Golden Chalice and bring it back to Skylar's Temple to get the Hunting Horn. (saved my game right before the temple)

According to both walkthroughs that I found for the (slightly different) 3DO/PC versions, you have to use your fast travel scrolls to make within the time limit.
However, on the CDi version, fast travel is disabled as soon as you talk to the guy in the temple. It still does work before talking to him.
I tried to get the Golden Chalice and return to the temple as fast as possible with the shortest route possible, but the game gives me the out of time death animation just as I enter the temple to give it to him.
I'm positive that it can't be done any faster (without fast traveling) so I must be missing something.


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