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1991-2016 the 25th Anniversary of the CD-I

Posted: Wed May 11, 2016 9:33 am
by Arethius_RGC
October 16th 1991 The CD-I Is luacched on US market,... it is the beginning is the CD-ROM era, which unfortunnaly for Philips endend not that well (losing 1 Billion $ ouch!!!).
Netherless is the CD-I a amazing piece of technology and history, lots of cool devices, an internet modem, ... THe cd-i is regardless of all the hate it generate one of the most interesting hardware of all time.

And this year we celebrate the 25th anniversary on the CD-i release. And even the 30th anniversry from its annoucment. On October 29th & 30th in France will take place the 10th edition of Retro-gaming Connexion, a french convention which I preside. And I would like to arrange a big stand enterlly dedicated to the CD-I. Iwould to presnet this incredible machine to the 250 persons, by presenting:
- the hardware and the different models
- the accessories
- the games
- some of the rarest and most intriguing software
- lots of printed material and collectors stuffs...
- present some stories such as how a CD-I Producer ended working on God of War.
My goal is clear I want to undo all the bitterness and hate the cd-i format generates.

But I need help because:
1. My cd-i collection is not that big
2. I do not have some of the biggest rarities
3. As President of the convention I will be on the stage for animation and the quizz show.

That's why I would like to ask all the CD-I community to join me in this big venture. Help me to realize this project of mine which I had in years.

The RGC is in France, I know for most of you it is quite far, but take as a opportunity to take a few day vacation in Paris. I work in the hotel industry so I might be able to get some discount for you during you stay in Paris. I can arrange city trip, and some guided visits you'll could not think about. And I can offer my services as translater during the convention.

About the RGC:
It is a french retro & alternative video-game convention, it is organized by the french Association the Retro-gaming Connexion (Asso-RGC) (see below for more details), it generally takes place on October every year what started as the Jaguar Connexion with 7 people during on week-end is now of the top retro-gaming Convention in France. We awaits beetwen 250-300 people. The entrance is not free but you can choose your package entrance only, Halboard or fullboard for one day or the whole week-end and you have to register first (prices and registration form will be annouced in September).
The Asso-RGC provides, tables, chairs, electricity and a limited amount of televisions. The RGC is also a chance for some of you to present their homebrew projects during a stage interview which I'll do and translate from english to french. there are also lots of themed stands such as :
- muscial games (quite popular -;))
- Steel battalion lan-party
- this year we will have a 30 years Zelda and A 15 year Halo
- .... and why not a 25/30 year Philips cd-I

If you wish to see pictures and videos of the last year event: ... otos-video
sorry french only

If you wish to see videos from previous editions do not hesitate to check our youtube page:

If you need futher details do not hesitate to contact us at contact(a)

About The Retro-gaming Connexion:
The Retro-gaming Connexion is a french association (ruled under the law of July 1st 1901) founded by 6 retro-gamer from diverse origins (e-commerce consultant, infographist, journalist, multimedia animator, swimming-pool technician, ...). The goal of this association is to organize video-game conventions based on human interactions. A 15 year experience and the success of the previous edition made the RGC Association a reference on retro-gaming in France. Today the team counts 15 members and the association has varied its activities with the conception of packaging, games edition and weekly multimedia lessons.

Re: 1991-2016 the 25th Anniversary of the CD-I

Posted: Wed May 11, 2016 10:07 pm
by Seb
Sounds interesting and like an awesome idea. Always fun to hear about projects putting CD-i in the spotlight a bit. Sound very hard to actually get everything you're looking for together. I might have a few interesting things, but my modest collection is also lacking in quite a few area's.

I do have a friend in Paris I could probably hang out with for a few days. Can't say anything on actual availabilities at the moment though. I'm afraid that my French is also next to non-existent.

Good date though, the 29th is my birthday :D

Re: 1991-2016 the 25th Anniversary of the CD-I

Posted: Mon May 30, 2016 5:44 pm
by rivarossi
Congratulations on iniziztiva !! I am sure you will have good success . Many have in their hearts the CDI , sprattutto in my city Monza ( Italy ) in a laboratory where Philips has produced several plays .
If I come willingly in Paris. There will also be a second-hand market?
Italian English text translated by google