CD-i Community dead? Not on Facebook!

Anything relating to CD-i can be discussed in this forum. From the multiple hardware iterations of the system to the sofware including games, reference, music and Video CDs. Maybe you hold an interest in Philips Media and the many development houses set up to cater for CD-i if so then this is the forum.
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CD-i Community dead? Not on Facebook!

Post by Bas » Tue Apr 09, 2019 10:24 pm

It surprised me to find a lot of dedicated CD-i fans out there in various Facebook groups (I'm old fashioned, no problem with that :) )
I highly suggest you to try The CD-i Appreciation Group here:
And thanks to the rise of The World of CD-i: ... &ref=br_rs
I was full of energy to try to get Interactive Dreams on Facebook as well: ... &ref=br_rs

I even found contacts through this with the artist behind Litil Divil 2 and Viridis, the company behind Zelda's Adventure. Nice!

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