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Posted: Wed Jul 21, 2010 1:30 am
by GameCubed
Hi everyone!

I've always been a fan of finding and trying out all the obscure systems, and after having a 3DO for a while, I thought it was high time I checked out the CD-i.

I recently acquired a large lot of games and movies, and a 920 system. Up until now, I have never come across any CD-i stuff other than an odd crappy game or two at a local game shop. I had no idea that the CD-i had such a large library of titles available! I'm more of a gamer at heart, but I find it very cool that the CD-i really tried to take advantage of everything the CD format had to offer -- gaming, education, music, movies, instructional stuff, etc. That really sets the CD-i apart from the more gaming-focused platforms out there. It's a shame more people don't remember this system!

I'm very happy to have found this forum, since it seems like there's a lot to learn about the CD-i. All the different hardware variants and issues sort of make my head spin.

If anyone's interested, I could try to post a list or photos of my collection.

Posted: Sat Jul 24, 2010 9:18 pm
by Devin
Welcome and yes, we love to nose around other CD-i collections!

Posted: Sun Jul 25, 2010 5:37 am
by Bas
GameCubed wrote:If anyone's interested, I could try to post a list or photos of my collection.
We always love that!
Welcome, 'GameCubed'!

Posted: Sun Jul 25, 2010 10:53 am
by Crowquill
Just wanted to thank you guys for the wealth of information.

Today I stumbled into a CDI-910 at a local Goodwill store for $10! As a lover of old game systems and technology I couldn't pass it up. Never again will I joke about how heavy my Xbox is since this thing blows it out of the water. Thought it was just another outdated component CD player until I saw the remote.

Came with a (nasty-looking) thumbstick remote and once I started learning a bit on here I realized it has the video cartridge under the expansion cover. The best I've been able to do with it so far is run a CD+G disc. So far everything works (although I assume the battery is toast). One of my friends has a bit of anime on VCD, so I'll try that out soon.

Is the CD tray supposed to 'fall open' if the unit is tilted forward? I initially thought gears were stripped or the motor was burned out, but it all seems to work fine powered up and sitting level.

Posted: Tue Jul 27, 2010 8:11 am
by GameCubed
Here's the list of titles I currently have.

Games & Children’s Entertainment:

1) Berenstain Bears on their own
2) Burn Cycle
3) Caesars World of Boxing
4) Caesars World of Gambling
5) Cartoon Jukebox
6) Chaos Control
7) Dark Castle
8) Defender of the Crown
9) Dragon's Lair
10) Dragon's Lair II: Timewarp
11) The Emperor's New Clothes
12) Face Kitchen
13) International Tennis Open
14) Jigsaw
15) Kether
16) Kingdom: The Far Reaches
17) Laser Lords
18) Lemmings
19) Link: The Faces of Evil
20) Little Monster at School
21) Merlin's Apprentice
22) Mother Goose Hidden Pictures
23) Mutant Rampage:Bodyslam
24) Muzzy
25) Mystic Midway: Phantom Express
26) Name that Tune
27) Pinball
28) Sandy's Circus Adventure
29) Space Ace
30) StickyBear Reading
31) Text Tiles
32) Third Degree
33) NFL Football Trivia Challenge
34) The Palm Springs Open
35) Power Hitter
36) Richard Scarry's Busiest Neighborhood Disc Ever! (no instructions)
37) Rise of the Robots
38) The Wacky World of Miniature Golf
39) Who Shot Johnny Rock?
40) Video Speedway
41) A Visit to Sesame Street: Numbers
42) Voyeur
43) Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon

Music & Special Interest:

1) Xplora 1 Peter Gabriel's Secret World
2) Keep the Faith An Evening with Bon Jovi
3) Irving Berlin's White Christmas
4) Peter Gabriel: All About US
5) Rhythm Makers
6) Jazz Giants
7) James Brown Nonstop Hit Machine
8) Golden Oldies Jukebox
9) Louis Armstrong
10) Dutch Masters of the 17th Century
11) Kathy Smith Personal Trainer
12) Time-Life Astrology
13) Time-Life Photography
14) Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia
15) A Child is Born (Sealed)
16) Gifts to Behold
17) NFL's 100 Greatest Touchdowns
18) Destination Great Britain: Wales


1) Addams Family
2) Addams Family Values
3) Airplane! (Sealed)
4) Benny & Joon
5) Carrie
6) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
7) Clueless
8) Coneheads
9) Congo
10) Fatal Attraction
11) Four Weddings and a Funeral
12) Monty Python's More Naughty Bits
13) Of Mice and Men
14) An Officer and a Gentleman
15) Overboard
16) Raging Bull
17) Road House
18) Terms of Endearment
19) Wayne's World 2

“Not for Resale” Demonstration Discs

1) Mad Dog McCree
2) Stickybear Preschool
3) Flinststones/Jetsons Timewarp

Mainly I was interested in checking out the Zelda games and seeing how the system compared with other disc-based consoles from that era. It would take days just to play around with all of these! Right now, I only have a wireless remote control, which isn't ideal for playing games. My Gamepad is on the fritz.

I'm not sure if I can sit through a VCD movie, but I do like that "all-in-one stop" aspect of the CD-i. I've always liked Peter Gabriel, so the Xplora discs are pretty neat to have. With such a wide net the CD-i cast over all sorts of intersests and genres, it's surprising it didn't catch on more than it did.

If there are any movies anyone is needing to complete their collection, just let me know. Or any of the other titles, for that matter. I just traded Joker's Wild & Joker's Wild Jr. to Retrobazar.

Any suggestions on what would be the most enjoyable games to start playing first?

Posted: Tue Jul 27, 2010 11:26 pm
by Alan_Eng
Welcome to the fun world of cd-i! Yes I agree it is a unique system, hence it still has a big following. This is definitely the place to come for all things cd-i, as well as Bas' Interactive Dreams website.

Posted: Mon Aug 30, 2010 4:20 pm
by Smitie
Hey everyone

I bought my cd-i 450 with Link: Faces of Evil 6 months ago and now I'm a cd-i fan. I decided to join this community because sadly my cd-i has some problems right now (I made a thread in the technical support section, so please go there if you want to help me out). I now have 9 cd-i games and I want to make my collection even larger :). I'm also a member of a zelda community (zeldadungeon) where I'm a super moderator. A lot of members don't like that like Link: Faces of Evil more than the way more popular Majora's Mask :wink:

I also noticed a lot of Dutch names here, which is awesome because I'm from the Netherlands too ^_^

Posted: Sun Sep 05, 2010 5:50 am
by cdiplayer
Hey I'm not a new member but I figured since I hadn't been here in so long i may as well post here. So anyway what big news has there been in the cdi community since I left? any new nintendo related stuff? any new platformers?

Posted: Sun Sep 26, 2010 12:01 am
by bacteria
Hi, just joined!

My hobby is modding video console systems, and i'm making a console system with 19 original console boards. Just bought a CD1 450 console, going to include it in the system (the system is Alpha Omega).

I'm going to be reading up on various topics on this forum with interest, and hopefully when I get around to my modding on the CDi, i'll make a build thread for that part of my project here!

Posted: Sun Sep 26, 2010 6:44 am
by Bas
Hi, that sounds very interesting! Welcome aboard :)
I think that might be the first time for anyone modding a CD-i (except for a gamepad that crosses my mind)

Posted: Sun Sep 26, 2010 10:43 am
by bacteria
Good, I like a challenge! lol

BTW, if there is a call for rehousing CD-i controllers into other controllers, i'll be happy to offer that as a modding service, if anyone is interested, PM me please. I hadn't thought about this until your post Bas!

I rehoused two BGP-100 bluetooth controllers (see my website or YouTube channel if you're interested), to prove I can do it fine and have the credentials.

I'll be reading lots of threads on this forum and adding my modding CD-i notes to here too, in case members here are interested. I did the same on the Lemon Amiga site as i'm finishing off modding on an Amiga CD32 at the moment.

It's unfortunate that the CD-i sucked as a console from what I read - I got one (awaiting its arrival from the ebay auction I won) primarily for Mario Hotel! Paid £51 including postage for a CD-i 450, power supply, controller, FVM cartridge and some "backup" games. Thought that was a fair price.

What other forums/sites would be of interest to me for researching the CD-i, what can be done modding wise, etc?

I asked the ebay seller what forums were still active for the CD-i, and this one is the one he suggested, hence why i'm here!

Posted: Mon Sep 27, 2010 6:20 am
by Bas
Hi, there are almost no active CD-i places anymore... (I'd love to hear otherwise). I guess all of them you can find on this forum and there are a couple of CD-i resources you can find in this list.
As far as I know this is the only CD-i forum, although you might come across a thread on other retro console forums..., like Digit Press

Posted: Mon Oct 25, 2010 3:19 am
by Trev
Hi, my name is Trev. A few may know me from 3DO Zero. I've posted on this forum briefly in the past, mostly to inquire about problems w/the timekeeper chip, etc... It was this issue that has limited my contributions, as w/out a working player I've been out of the CD-i scene. However ...

I've got a working unit! :D

I am thrilled to have a working player after 3 yrs or so of my games collecting dust (I'm also thrilled they never sold when I listed them :wink: ) Anyway, no more lurking, time to start posting. 8)

Posted: Thu Oct 28, 2010 4:53 pm
by Star
Hi, I am new to this forum. I bought my first cdi unit about 6 years ago. I bought it mainly because I wanted to check out the Zelda games and Mario Hotel. Even though the games sucked, I still find them very interesting. I am hoping go find sealed copies of those 3 games for my collection. I am also looking for some other titles. If you know where to get new old stock for cdi games, please do let me know. Thanks!

Posted: Tue Dec 14, 2010 12:29 pm
by Gazza
Hi all,

I joined up last month already but I just thought to say hi to everyone here.
I'm from South Africa and I've had a CD-i system for about two years now.
So far I've only got a few games but looking forward to adding to my CD-i collecton, and to visiting the forums here more often. :)