Need info on the sector format for CD-i game disc.

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Need info on the sector format for CD-i game disc.

Post by NightWolve » Mon Mar 13, 2006 9:54 am

Hi, I need to properly ID a CD-i disc for a utility that I'm making. I am unable to find a download for any game at the moment, so I was hoping someone with a game or the documentation for this could help me out. I know that a CD-i sector is set to 02 for Mode, but that the next 8 bytes are used as a subheader, so it should not be ID'ed as a standard MODE2 sector as a result.
Byte number (starting at 0) Contents

0 0000 0000
1-10 1111 1111
11 0000 0000
12 Minutes - 74 max (+ hex A)
13 Seconds - 59 max
14 Block number within sec. (75
15 Mode
16-23 CD-I subheader (8-bytes)
24-2351 User data and EDC, ECC
What I want to know is what are the contents of that 8-byte subheader? If you don't know, could you rip a game in RAW/2352 mode, and give me just the first sector? That's all I would need to get the needed information.
TRACK 01 CDI/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00
I pasted the above to show the right format that I would need as CDRWIN would indicate. If a rip would instead show "TRACK 01 MODE2/2352" then that's not a sector that I want, since I know what that looks like and can reproduce that myself.

OK, so if you had a game, what I would need you to do is try to dump it in BIN/CUE format using the latest CDRWIN 4.0B, (assuming the track was identified as CDI, CDRWIN would show a light blue track color if that is the case), cancel it after a little while, and send me the bin file. I only need the first 2352 bytes of the BIN file, so I'm not asking you to pirate it for me. Just send me that much, and I'm all set. Also, take a look at the CUE file and make sure it says "TRACK 01 CDI/2352" for any data track.


EDIT:: Eh, forget the ripping idea. I really need the Green Book or someone's help who knows all possible values that can be found in the subheader field. I just learned it can vary, so one example from one game isn't gonna help.

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Post by cdifan » Mon Mar 13, 2006 11:49 pm

The CD-i sector format is virtually identical to the CD-XA sector format. Documentation for this should not be hard to find, I think...

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