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hi there all and can you help

Posted: Fri Aug 18, 2006 7:38 pm
by dieseldog
i have moved my post from the genral forum to here

hi there all just joined you site and very good it is to but i need help. just brought a philips cdi player cdi 450 off ebay for a bit of retro gaming ( had one years ago and loved it ) it comes with quite a few games but the gem i was after was mad dog mccree and i came with the peacekeeper gun ( never had this with my old one ) set it all up and had a few problems first plugger the gun into the IR controller on the back but the other IR reciver to the gun ontop of the tv 28" wide screen. started the game as u have to use the controller to start it and select the gun as u all know the u get to the calibration screen or as i like o call it the screen of fustration and start to fire the gun at the targets ntothing happens the green light is on but nothting so i plugged the gun directly into the front of the player , turned the gun on and it worked but the sound goes up and down when i shoot it has done this on 2 tvs anyway ( no pun intended ) i was banging away for 20 mins and nothin i did not move position and its driving me mad played the game with the controler and its no good i need the gun surely nothing can reqire that amount of calibratin can u help. relly wanted to get back into playing with ny cdi but if its goin to be this much hassle its for sale .......only joaking. any help would be very helpful ta steve