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gamepad doesn't work

Posted: Sun Nov 05, 2006 8:40 pm
by rdjnl
I recently bought a Philips cd-i 470/20.

When I connected my gamepad I noticed it didn't work. It works fine with my cd-i 450.

Any idea what might be the problem? I connected it to both the front port as well as the port at the back.

Am I doing something wrong?

Posted: Sun Nov 05, 2006 9:00 pm
by Bas
have you tried other peripherals?

the back port was used for the modem and IR link, not for the prime controller. If other peripherals don't work either, the port probably has a loose contact. You can easily turn out the screws to remove the front, and have a look at the controller port and its state. What do you see?

Posted: Sun Nov 05, 2006 9:38 pm
by Devin
Actually some of the joypads are incompatible with various CD-i Models. My Touchpad 22ER 9017 for example doesn't work with the LG GDI700 if memory serves correctly... it might have been the Portable 370, I really don't remember which! Regardless, it could simply be a problem inherant with the hardware itself, so no loose connections or fault with your particular player. It's probably a design fault.

Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2006 5:52 pm
by rdjnl
When I posted my problem I didn't have any other controller to connect to the machine.

But now I do. It turns out that the i/o port of the machine works fine. So it must indeed by some kind of hardware incompatibility. :?