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Problems with video and other things...

Posted: Sat Feb 17, 2007 10:13 pm
by Cd-i fan29
I recently bought my Cd-i system off Ebay I was very excited about finally owning one. It is a Magnavox 450 model. I also got a "Link: The Faces of Evil", "Zelda: Wand of Gamelon", and "Zelda's Adventure". The games are in perfect condition not a scratch, fingureprint, or anything of that sort.

First thing I noticed was that the system said that I had 100% of its memory used already, but there wasn't any saved data. Later it went back to 0%, but still I thought that was odd.

Next, I put in "Wand of Gamelon", the game started up fine, but I noticed there was no music on the title screen, or the map. I selected new game, and it gave me a "Please clean your disk" error. The game ran just fine than, but whenever I trigered a cutsecene animation I got the error message. Eventually I got an error for loading a level, and I turned it off.

Than, I tried "Faces of Evil". Same thing, I can play the game, but the cutsecene animation gives me an error, and there was no music on the title screen, or the map. I was confused at why both games would do that. I took the disk out and looked at both. Both were in perfect condition and cleaning didn't do anything.

I went to try "Zelda's Adventure", but the system wouldn't even go to the systems screen, where you can select the options! I took the game out, and unpluged and repluged everything. I tried to turn the system on without the game, nothing again, just a black screen. I unplugged and replugged several times also.

Finally, I unplugged everything again waited 5 minutes, and repluged and I got the system to go to it's main screen. I then loaded "Zelda's adventure" in, and the system got to the title screen. I selected new game, and the screen went black and never did anything. :(

I than, tried all the games again several times, and I got the same thing evertime. "Faces of Evil" and "Wand of Gamelon" play fine, but I get a "Please clean your disk" error evertime a cutsence comes up. And Zelda's Adventure never makes it past the title screen.

Please help me. Is the system bad? If so can I fix it, or do I have to send it back and buy a different one?

Thank you,

Posted: Sat Feb 17, 2007 10:19 pm
by Bas
In short, your descriptions sound like the timekeeper battery is empty. It's the same thing as the other new thread is about. Search the forum for "timekeeper battery" and you'll find a few topics about this.