support for ROM hacking project

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support for ROM hacking project

Post by Shroo-man » Tue Aug 24, 2010 12:44 pm

I just had an idea to do a hack of CSS translated into english. Hacking ROMs is very common on consoles nowadays especially translation hacks, just look at the amount released for Super Nintendo. Although translating a SNES game is a lot easier because you only have to change the text. This is done by simply changing values in a hexadecimal editor.

However since this game has no text it would have to be inserted as english subtitles over the voice acting. Once I figure out how that is done it would just be a matter of doing it for the entire game. This shouldn't be too difficult to figure out, between and the programmers here the knowledge would be there.

Once completed I'll upload to ROM sites so it can be obtained for free like all other hacks. If people are interested I'll try to do this

EDIT: just found out this could be more difficult than ROM hacking and actually require programming from a reply I got from a hacking forum

"It's a translation like any other, the biggest hurdle will be overcoming lack of technical information. A quick look at Wikipedia reveals that the CPU is the same architecture as the Gensis though, so that could be a starting point.

Was there a subtitle option before that, so you can just change the text? If not, this is definitely not a beginners project since adding subtitles were there weren't any before will require some custom ASM coding work."

so it may be too difficult for me but I'll still look into it a bit further

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