Lots of CD-i Doubles For Sale

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Lots of CD-i Doubles For Sale

Post by Kempyt » Sat Jun 02, 2018 7:41 am

Hay all,

I will shortly be listing around 150 of my doubles on Ebay but wanted to give you all the heads up first. If you are after any particular titles send me a message and will check if I have it available.

Here are just some of the doubles I will be listing

Zelda's Adventure
Zelda Wand Of Gamelon
The Lost Ride
Mad Dog McCree 1, 2, 3
Crime Patrol
Drug Wars
Marco Polo
Creature Shock
Dragons Lair 1 & 2
The 7th Guest
Arcade Classics
Merlin's Apprentice
Labyrinth Of Crete
Scotland Yard
Cluedo Big Box
Cluedo Mystery Continues
Great British Golf
Escape From Cyber City

Then loads of refference, music and video CD's

I would also be happy to swap if you have titles that I don't already have

Top 3 games - 7th Guest, Dimo’s Quest, Pinball

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Re: Lots of CD-i Doubles For Sale

Post by Kempyt » Sun Jun 03, 2018 5:09 am


I’ve called it that as I was under the impression that it was the 3rd in the series but of course it is the last bounty hunter.

Top 3 games - 7th Guest, Dimo’s Quest, Pinball

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Re: Lots of CD-i Doubles For Sale

Post by Kempyt » Wed Jun 13, 2018 11:48 am

I have started to list a few titles on Ebay, let me know on here if want any listed on ebay and will sort you out. (RunningmanCDK)

Here are the titles I'm yet to list on Ebay

3rd Degree
A Great Day At The Races
Alien Gate
Arcade Classics
Asterix Caesar's Challenge
Atlantis The Last Resort
Braindead 13
Burn Cycle Double Disc
Caesars World Of Boxing
Caesars World Of Gambling
CD Shoot
Chaos Control
Chess For All
Christmas Country
Christmas Crisis
Cluedo Big Box
Cluedo The Mystery Continues
Creature Shock
Crime Patrol
Dark Castle
Dimo's Quest
Dragons Lair
Dragons Lair 2
Drug Wars
Earth Command
Escape From Cyber City (Tall Case)
Family Games
Family Games 2
Frog Feast (Older Games)
Golden Oldies 1
Golden Oldies 2
Golf My Way
Hotel Mario
International Tennis Open 2 Player
Jan Pienkowski Haunted House
Kingdom 2 Shadoan
Kingdom The Far Reaches
Labyrinth Of Crete
L'affaire Marlov
Laser Lords
Link The Faces Of Evil
Little Divil
Live Without Monty Python
Lords Of The Rising Sun
Lost Eden
Lucky Luke
Mad Dog McCree
Mad Dog McCree 2 The Lost Gold
Mad Dog McCree 3 The Last Bounty Hunter
Marco Polo
Master Labyrinth
Max Magic
Mega Maze
Merlin's Apprentice
Micro Machines
Monty Python's Invasion From The Planet Skyron
Monty Python's More Naughty Bits
Mutant Rampage Bodyslam
Mystic Midway Rest In Pieces
NFL Tripple Pack
Pac Panic
Power Hitter
Pyramid Adventures
Rise Of The Robots
Sargon Chess
Scotland Yard
Secret Mission
Shaolin's Road
Space Ace
Steel Machine
Surf City
The 7th Guest
The Apprentice
The Jokers Wild
The Joker's Wild JR
The Lost Ride
The Memory Works
The Palm Springs Open
Thunder In Paradise
Ultra CD-I Soccer
Whack A Bubble
Who Shot Johny Rock?
Word Play
World Cup Golf
Zelda The Wand Of Gamelon
Zelda's Adventure
Zombie Dinos

Apocalypse Now
Beverly Hills Cop 2
Black Rain
Dr Zitbag's Transylvania Pet Shop - Double Trouble
Fatal Attraction
Forrest Gump
Four Weddings And A Funeral
Indecent Proposal
Planes, Trains And Automobiles
Star Trek Generations
Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan
Star Trek III The Search For Spock
Star Trek IV The Voyage Home
Star Trek The Motion Picture
Star Trek V The Final Frontier
Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country
The Black Stallion
The Outlaw
The Secret Of NIMH
The Wind In The Willows A Tale Of Two Toads
Waynes World
Waynes World 2

1995 All The News
Around Atlanta
Complete Your Financial Jigsaw
Cosmopolitan Interactive Tonetics
Cruise Directory
Great American Golf 1
Great American Golf 2
Hanna-Barbera's Cartoon Carnival
Kathy Smith Personal Trainer
Learn With Sooty - Start To Read
Nature Under Threat
Playboy's Complete Massage
The Worlds Of…
Vegas Girls
Yearn 2 Learn Peanuts
Cartoon Jukebox (Tall Case)
Girl's Club (Tall Case)
Great British Golf (Tall Case)
How The Camel Got His Hump (Tall Case)
James Brown Non Stop Hit Machine (Tall Case)
Mother Goose Hidden Pictures (Tall Case)
Mother Goose Rhymes To Color (Tall Case)
Noah's Ark (Tall Case)
Paint School 2 (Tall Case)
Pecos Bill (Tall Case)
Private Lesson Series: Classical Guitar (Tall Case)
The World Of Impressionism (Tall Case)

Abba Gold £20
Antistastic Ambient Trance £6
Beastie Boys Sabotage £25
Beyond Limits £6
Bon Jovi The \best Of Cross Roads £20
Bowie The Video Collection £15
Bryan Adams Waking Up The Neighbours £10
Cliff Richard Private Collection 1979-1998 £9
Cure Show £11
Duran Duran Decade £15
Head Crash Triple Pack £25
In Bed With Madonna £17
Keep The Faith An Evening With Bon Jovi £10
Pink Floyd In Concert - Delicate Sound Of Thunder £25
Pink Floyd The Wall £15
Queen Greatest Flix 1&2 £12
Rock Legends 2 £10
Sade Life Promise Pride Love £8
Secrets Of Tatjana £20
Sting Ten Summoner's Tale £10
The Cranberries Doors And Windows £12
The Isle Of White Festival 1970 £10
The Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter £25
This Is Video Clash £12
Tina Turner Rio 88 £5
Tina Turner Simply The Best '94 £15
Tommy The Movie £15
U2 Rattle And Hum £13
Wet Wet Wet End Of Part One Their Greatest Hits £10
Xplora 1 Peter Gabriel's Secret World (No Big Box) £15
Top 3 games - 7th Guest, Dimo’s Quest, Pinball

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Re: Lots of CD-i Doubles For Sale

Post by Arethius_RGC » Thu Dec 20, 2018 10:50 am


Is the lot still for sale ?

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